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-------------------------------- ------ a sussect crashes during a far from over... -------------------------------- ------- haveea kid in sports? injury rates are higher than ev. on ii. the best ways to protecc them oo the playing field this all. -------------------------------- ------ pop the ultimmte act of revvnge. whyythis man had killed in his own yard while cameras were rolling. -------------------------------- ------ threats on casey anthony's life. ow orlando police are planning n keeping her safe from the annry mobb -------------------------------- p----- -------------------------------- ------ 33 hello 'm karen 3parrs.
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parks. and i'm jeff abell. car crash in northwest violent - baltimore. myranda stephens has the latest latest &p18:55 then i heard the pelicopter elline henson heard the ccmmotion going on outside her northwest &pshe went o check it out... she says a police officer approached her and her neighbor. 19:36 and he said i woull advise you guyssto o back in the house because ttere's aaguy going around with a gun 41 and i ssid no problem, iim gone 46police say home... all started from morniig.investigators say a s 23-year-old man was shot outside his mercedes benz.... victim's car and sped off. the then later this afternoon - around 3:30 - police spotted ffllowing the caa - ut t got - away..2238 i just heard likee3
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big booms. i thought was like a too truck driiing by 42 a short time later - police ssyy the mercedes struck a blle car &pferndale avenues... detectives say no one was nside the ccr - but a man inside the van was thrown froo the neighbor who didn't want to be on camera - describes the scene. 22:43 when i came oot booms, walked upthe street, seena body layyng otuuon the ssde of the curb by the blue caa then i seen some guy limming to the backyard 55 that's all i seen 56police seerched the area ann found the uspect hiding ehind a possible there werr tww y it's 3 said you know whaa y baby coull've been out there! 11 henson says she's just happy hhr granddaaghter wasn't outside playiig when the crash 2206 ittssa terribll way to hhve to live at ur age. at anybody's age really 1 police say the suupect was taken to the hospital or a
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brrken leg. detectives still pon't know if he was the shooter... but he will at least be charged with stolen uto. as for the vvctims --the who was thrownnfrom the minivan... oth are in serious livv in northwest ballimore, - ms, fox44 news at ten. police areesearching for a guuman who shot and killed a man in east baltimooe early this morning. morning.ii happeneddheee on north bond strree and ashland avenue abbut oneethii morniig.. several times. he was racee to the hospital where he later died. two firefiggters are hurt after battling a blaze in falls. mill drive.authorities say it startee n the baseeent. two firefighherr were hurt --- one of them ssffered minor smoke nearby hospital.both are to a expected to be o-k. the cause oo the fire is still unknown. the fire thht tore through the morningside apartments tuesday, llet 25 people with nothing. three of them are baltimore ccty police officers...
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tonight, janiie park shows uss hhw officers got down and dirty to show how much they car. care.... tuesdaa...firefighterssattack from all sides: sides: inside... inside..."i was asleep, i peard a banging on the doorrii northeast disttict patrol officer sheena cole.officer cole saw a aze of smoke, ran...she watched aa the fire easiiy destroyed 13 apartments. everythiig is gone.she ffundd herseef for the first time, the one... needing protectioo: protection:"that was very scary, the adrenaline was going on, i think i had an out of body experience, it just happened so fast" affected by tuesday's fireeare pith altimore city and all them had to escape"sitting together oday...these two priends recall that moment...when offiier cole let officer brown know...that her was lost for words, you see it pappen o people every dayy but you never think it will ppread: "the officers had kids
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&pand needed help" help""soo ssid lets have a wash"""e're going to help no matter who it is, whateeer officcr, whoeverrthe nnrthhast district police officers and &ptheir kids got toowork... "i love ii! i love to see them sweattand do some work" raissng more than a thousand dolllrs for some of tteir own... &ppwn... "i started to cry, i was like &pshocked, wow, thank you" &ptonight ttese officers say ou of the a newfound compassion for eeery pprson they meet... when they put their uniforms back on next week.janice park fox 45 neww raised over a thousand ollars - fed uppwith recent violence, some baatimore city today. at saint gregory the greet church, a teady ssream of peopleetoday brought in
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catholic review, several churches are offering one hundred dollars for each were onnhand to inspect the &pguns...and later they'll be desttoying them. sanctaty of liie, too oftee he - young people, and we've had young people buried here at st. gregooy's. t's an alarming statistic and you have to come to the point where enough issenough" pnoogh" you an stop by questionn askkd -- to exchange - guns for money. a gas release has neighbors worried.....hooes of other residents nearby may be company hhs his terminal in ellicott city. firfighters were called out because people living nearbyywoke up to explosionssand what sounded like a roaring jet engine around 6 am. firefighters up gas scceaming into the air as it burned. but that's probably straiggt for a half an hour it was blasting
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loud, o it scared me. if you can imagine being in a closed space, and have water being under high pressure hitting sheet metal, that was the type of noise we were actually hearing they say they've hherd the compann vent the gas before but never this loud or for 3 we start our team overage developments in the debt debate. today the pressdent turned up the heat on congress. congress. he urged long-term deal with pollars rovided theee are matcciiggspending cuts. the ccnstitutton to prevent happening again. - democrats, however, aren't budging, today, the ppesident callle on the wealthheet americans to pay more. "the truth is, you can't solve our deficittwithout cutting spending. ut you also can't soove ittwithout
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asking the wealthiest aaericans to pay theer fair share or without taking on loopholes thattggve special iinerests and big corporationss tax breaks that middle-class amerrcans don't ggtt" &pget." senateeleaders onnboth sides of the aisle oopose thee president's tax plans and are for re-election. prospects - he deadline for raising the debt limit is august 2nd.....and it seems the want it... it.... the latest poll shows, 57 percent of ammricans think the presidentt tax plan pill hit the middle class the suffer thh most. 3 fox45 viewers think the middle class is going to get hit hardest by these plans. roccelle says i think if you're in debb, yyu don't fix card. 3& kevin everybody in th country has tt pay for thh debt,,i think the taxes raises so....could you dd a better job at putting this countrryonnsounddfinaacial pround....? a new computer gaae will give you the chaace
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to become a budget hero.... but be could prove taxing.... taxing.... (17:35) (salon exteriooó (3:35) (audio) "hey ollie..." &p at her 36'tt street salon... (5:13) the country a new look... (5:30) "no i don't wanna raise em, they shoulddbe lowered...." with the help of a new computer game, pchmidt is deciding what washin &pphould programs be cut....? (9:20)) "i ssid, cutt ilitary spenddng by ttn-percent...." be raised....? (18:59) -3 "whh borrow more money they can't get outta this....!! (28::0) "cut subbidies to amtrak....hmmm..." down the strret..... (21:12) pi'm fixinggthe budget. its her direccion for this country.- (22::5) "" cancelled military defeese. i drew the video game shows players the impact of what theyytax....and what they spend.... its ased on real numbers from the government. (23:46) "iim trying to decide if we can affood too ducate the
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disadvantaaed and disabled and ii tiwould help. isn't that horrible? we should...wwerr's the taxes...? i needdsome more taxes...." by the end of the game.... (228:8) "ah oh, ah oh, ah oh...." elizabeth ad "the whool thing is hard fixing theecountry...." (15:17) "therr it goes.....!" but janet schmidt....who understanding of washington. (11:40) "if ttey were really serious we wouldn't be in the shape we're in now..." if you want to try your hand at becoming a budget hero.....ust log onto our website, fox baltimore ddtt com....and click on newslinks. 3 3 this debt ssowdown is seniors... tonight, ree hoddes shows us how tteedebt debate is playing with those secuuity. 21;52 'll put it this way. i'm fed up with politics there...she depeedssentirely on her social security check.. if it's not there....21;59 at 66 and with a handicap,,
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porret it.nats- shuffling deck to many of ttese seniors, politicians are just shuffling the deck and not dealing the on raisiig the debt limit. t some say hat puts their social security checks t risk. income..24;48 we worked for n- years and paid iino thht money. that's our mooeyy...and if they'll stop steeling from us we'll have enough to do for several years.nats- bridge republiians and democrats bridgg thh gap.299144 i'm getting very tired of the partisanssip nothing getting done...the deadline for raisinn the couutry's ddbt august.30;43 oh they'll bring sure.....eaving many 'm quite federal retireee my retirement pension may not cometo ebbie something to address thee national debt and to keepp checks coming18:41 probably needd to beea combinntion of revenue ggneration and ttxes. of frustraaton......22207
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i'll put ittthis way, i'd ike to get some firecrackers up there and let 'em have ii. 3 we're going to stay on top of this debbte... as the deadling approaches, we'll let you know what to exppct if the government defauuts. a judge hhs graated a temporary peace order toothe current owners of the historic senator theater ---- against its former owner. thomas kiifaber allegedly pssaulted staff members on the opening nnght f "harry potter and the deathly hallows - part 22.witnesses say kiefaber showed up late frrdaa night angry and yellinn obsceeities. he was thennbanneddfrom the theatre. 3 a favorite visitor tt the chesapeake bay is bbck. paak.ccessie --- the beloved manatee fiist showed up in the bay back in 19-94.most manatees stay in the warmer waters of florida -- but for the's been 10 yyars
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pirginia waters. i'm jeff barnd. we have new sussects on theewheel of will be hiihlighted.. next. aa the kids hit the field, injuries are just a paat oo the game. he est ways to prevent major damage tootheir bodies. ways to prevent major damage tootheir bodies. & pop why this gunslingingghomeowner was ot &pfor vengeance. 3 &p you can fight crime with a
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single phooe call. tonight, we're helping
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department search foo suspects. jeff barnd has thhs week's wheel of . justice. we spin the wheel... and where it stops determiness who we highlight. then we opennour hotline.. so you can call in with tips. tips. 34-yearroll melvii bardney is waated for the rape of a 15-year old ggrl. it happened in an apartment n west north aaenue near linnen avenue. police say the sex was consensuaa.. nd haapened onnseveral occassons. year old girl ann aa34 yeaa 15 - old man, is just unacceptable. even though it's consensual she's not old enough to know. and when yoo''e dealing with a makes it a crime. the girl 20-dollars... aadde - &pnot to tell anybody which 33 would lead anyone to think he was doing was wrong. so we definitely interested in getting him off he street.
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if hees done it once, he'll o it again anddagain. again. bardney ehind bars.melvin bardney yyu can help put melvin bardney behiid bars. if you have any information.. call our hotline at 410-63778970. we'll be baak next saturday with mmre suspeets.. and another spin of the wheel of juuticc. one man is dead after a shooting innsouthwest b. baltimore.police responded here toowest bbltimorr street near franklintoww road.they found a man deadd--- shot in &psussects at thii time. police ontinueetheir invessigation into two security guards who were gunned down in northeast baltimore.bothhare still in condition. thh guards were patrolling the oaahill townhouss complex --- when they were shot late thhrsday.poliie ssy both are licensed to carry fireaams and pt leasttone returned fire. neighbors on high lert ---- are taking their own preccutions. p (corine asat-89 years oll)"i heard two shhot."
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(mom)"it just went out of control"(voicc only over shot of kid playing in diit) (mom)"its not a place i would want my chillren unning pround at"(corine)"i have my ddor locked..i got two locks oo my door" door"so far --- no arrests pave been ade. the man accuseddof carjacking a woman.. and her babby. will judge denied bail for 22-year old terron white.. and ordered a psychiatric eealuationn evaluation.cameras were when pooice sayywhite stole a car.. with the mother and childdinside. the vehicle went speeding own i-95 but when it suburbb....the mother made a life-saving deeision. we were in the passeggrrseat the baby in my arrs he went bump and hit and car and just spee off." "i was ii iihit the grrund the wrong way and my arms flew open my baby oull hit hiss a just went like &pthis bumped the door open and just jumped ouu. escaped wwtt onlyyminnr injuries. 3&a father and son are reeovering tonight from annther cclse call n montgomery county.
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outside the door o the germantown best bbyy pplice say 23-year ood jermaine palmer attempted to kidnap the two-year old. the little boy and his father weee leaving the store when the sussect approached them. "doesn't matter where you are or how ssfeeyou may be, things of this nature.." to father managee to grab the police arrived. casey aathony is spending hhr last day behind bars today ---- after spending years in jail ----she will walk free &psometime after midnight thheats to her life --- anthony is sccred to leave.the public was outrageddwhen a jury acquitted her of muudering her 2 year old daughter caylee.the exact time of hee release is nknown to protect her safety. 3 d-c's teaahers union is now up in arms ---- after hundreds of d-c public school teachers are firedd more than 200 teachers wwre let go yesterday --- affer being rated sub-parrby
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school chancellor mmchelle rhee --- it's ddsigneddto determine who the good teechers are y loooing at how well their students do... following several callroom the d-c's teachers union says --- it's comppetely unfair. "impact uh as an evaluation system s biasedd and most, if ottalll evaluation systems run by other human beings have proven to be biassd." but the current &pchancellor kaya heederssn is standing behind the systtm---- sayinn --- ii's making sure educaaion possibbe. best - with fall jjst around the corner... so are soccer, volleyball nd football... and that means injuries wwll likely pcme too.... but as jay piltzer shows us, prevention is a lot easier than treatment. ((package)) jay siltzer &preportinn 1:03:43"we're definitely getting the core &pactivated..." eleven-year-old upccming football season...but &pittwas basketball that leff him with a broken leg.drew hoylee 11: football,, basketball and bassballl3:57 to 14:09when iiwas running
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caught up in another kid's leg.. and i got it twwsted and i fell n it. but that injury hasshealed .. and is not stoppinn him from suiting up front to come down...".but he - is taking ore precautions phhn ever pllyiig sports.tom: 1:17:22:18 to 26if you can't po into the season properly prepared, go into each day propprly prepared... stay hydratee and be rested before you start yoor activity.dustin hoyle, coach11:55 tt 12:02 &pwe're big into ssretching... big into stretching before practicing... we spend about 30 minutee doing that before practice.(file smoky mountain before gamm ttme.... ..nat football...tom: 18:30 to :46mm as the athletic traaner i sit back and sse what ccmes at thee end of each play and the end offthe game...baseddeithhr the teehniques.... techniques thaa breek down often lead to injuuies... and weeks, if not ponths, of sylva, jay football heaa - injuries are always a worries about the lingering
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effects of concussions. a perfect weekend so faa. our uture. more heat is in graceyyhas a look at your skywatchhforeeast. forecast. 3
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you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is now available at foxbaltimore dot com. use the iiteractive tools to track coming storms down o your street. go to foxbaltimore dottcom ssash i-radar &ppro-ccoice protessors crash anti-abortion demmnstration at artscaae.. "we're gonna stand up for abortion rrghts. pro choice! choice!proolife members of tte of aryland gathereddattthe event ----presenting their exxiiition called "art of aborrion - slaughter of the graphic photossof aborted babies.but it didn't sit ell
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for pro-choice elievers who protested the prrsentation. 3 tte rest of artscape was a much less heated exchange. herees a look at tte fun onn day 2. 2. buddy......tay still...... after thirty years.......artscape.. ....ssiillgoes strong...... &psummertime years......itt a patricia tamariz....looks like - (57:56)the joy oo making thhm . peeutiful sendinggouttlivvng creating that vibe that baltimore is sooo awesome for....(music nats.....maybe of zone perfect)(11:37)its my third year the midst of hot tempeeattres (11:19)lots of riendly people (nats)(cont bite)great music (nats)((ont ite)great food ...great art obviously...... dozens of singers ike....matt mackelcan say.....its an event nno to beemisssd.....(12:12)i tour all overr he country and &pi'be beenna part of a lot of different festivals this is year....and there arr other
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traditionalists.....(52:46)i know i've been tooat least 18 offthem......deirdde mcggirt.....remember'ssher first concert ere at artscape back in he early 90's..... (53:08)it wasn't a third of this it was mmch much smmller pn fact concentrated on these wasn't it......ea.....and afterrall of these years....... (nats)its still free...... ((ats) and when it comes &pto news in your it.. send it. you ot - can upload photos nd viddos to our website. go to &pfoxbaltimore dot com and clic n the "see it, shoot it, send c it iion. you cannalso ssen photos directly frrm your cell phone o "pics at 3 pop pop pop it picked the wrong target.. hh this guy was so ready for revenge as &pthe ccmeras rolled. "in a ssngle intrusion this taken." and that's just the "
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tip of the iceberg. ow thhusands of doors into the -
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how do you defend every comppter ii the uus goveerment? military is tryinn tooanswer in this era of computerrwarfare. warfare.this week, the ppntagon hammered home its nee cyber policy...and revealed details of, what had been, a
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secret eleetronic attack on a defeese contractor. here'' barbara starr with tonights cover story. story. &pin the fieldd..touch screen phones and and tablet devices preebeing tested by soldiers. soon troops may be texting battllfield messages, photoss pnd reporrs right from the front line.but moderrs communcations are risky ..the phone acking scandal in example of tooay's vulnerabilities.anddjust as the pentagon unveiled its plan top officials revealed one off the worst breaches ever."in a single intrusion thii march 24,000 files were takee.""it intelligence service, a nation ptate was behind it." pentagon officials confirmed it was sensitive us military ddta, taken from a contractors' computer system. cyberspace is now a potential be a significant component of involves major nationss rogue s
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2008 an infected ffashdrive -wn a s military base. ...a foreign spy agency had placed aamalicious code on the drive trannferred secret data to foreiin control. for the ffrst time a foreign government had a cyber beach head. the new pentagon strategy focuses on defending militarr syytems from theft and denial or disuptiin of service. but its tough. component elements that arr built around the wwrldd and so the issue of securing a supply chain becomes very muuh a security matter."in the event &pof a devastating attack in military cyberspace --the conventional counterattack psinggmmssiles or bbmbs...but at llast one senior officer says even the more mundane phone hacking scandal is still pcncerning" it does worry me. umm more from the standpoint
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that industrr and he chip sets weeuse in our phonns and configured to encrypt aad we have to start thinking our way through as a nation."the pentagon won't say which country they think was ressonsible for the latest &pbbeach. bbt innrecent years there hhs also been criiicaa data stolen on aircraft &pelectronics, survvillance ttchnologyy nd satellite communications.-----end----- cnn.script 3 &pthe united states and its dataaases are constantly under attack by hackers. the majorityyof attacks fail. but china has thousands of sophisticated around waas -
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seeurity. on top of other governments, thousands of indepeedent groups with a computee and an inttrnet connection are taking sensitive inffrmation. 3 a t-v towwr collapses in the moments before and howwed thousands were afffcted by the collapse. pthat's where it got me" me" a man in georgia gets bit by a poisonous snakk ---- how he took matters into his wn encounter. 3 3
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a eorgga man gets revenge ---- on the very snake that put himmin the hospital. earlier this weekkwhen he was pit by a copperhead...he was desandre's came hhme, he n - ccew when he saw the snake pgain...this time, he pulled out a gun - and kiiled it... it's ooe oo those thingss you're aware of but when it happens to you and you see that darn snake and i knew it was a copperhead. him that ttme got him. revenge. but his isn't the first copperheaa the desandre's haae
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pver the yeaas. n their yard acorn -- owes some back taxes ttxesacorn was busted in baltimore offering to help people --- posing as pimpp and prostttute.... cheat on their taxes.publlc records show the group owes nearly 163- thousand dollars n back taxes including maryland. an extremely lucky puppyyin tossed from moving car. this is llzzie --- a 10 mooth old terrier mix.she lloks healthy now -- but she's been threw her out of moving ccr --- she was taken in by volunteers dedicateddtoo pelppng abandooed and stray &panimals.nnw --- lizzie is 3 "she is flourishing. she's completely come out of her shell. she waa a it pnside hersell in the she's going tt make a great great family pet." volunteers are loooing for permanent hhme for lizzie. a ttwwr goes down afterr
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bursting into flames ----and it's all caught on the collapseeaffected everyone in the surrounning area. 4:02:46 nats of dog shaking shaking evryone has seen a dog act ike a scared cat ii a dog act huuderrsorm. the new product thattclaims to help fido beet tte fear up next n our deaa or dud test. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some?
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[ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. does your dog get anxious
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around loud noises or unfamiliar sstuations?there could be a way tt bring out the calm in your canine.the phundershirt coull help free fido of his will it make you dog's best frieed, or are you just barking uu thee wrong tree?we put the ttundershirt to the deal or dud test. ttis is how thorton reacts tt phe sound of thunderrwhen he's video at 3:59914 sound "he t. instantly ran and hhddbehind my legs" legs"4::0:00 "his tail didn't low and was starting too which ps a sign of fear" you don't have to be an annmal whisperer to understand what this dog
10:44 pm
again,,i was rrally really unsure about whaa that was ann introduced thorton to the thundershirt.4:02:35 put the thunddeshirt on your dogs back and wrap the short flap around thh torso"attfirst, tte vest seemed to make thorton even dog shaking shaking4:03:26 "he told mee rrghttthere not really start off withhbut after a ew minutes, the thundershirt 4:05:26 "he's giving me some tail wags which lets e know gave me a llttle lick."buu now forrthe real test.thunder nats and the thuudershirt seemed to paas with flying colors4:12:13 beforr the shirt was on he ran behind my legs. this time he sorta looked at me and didn't move aa ll" all"4:12:52 "his tail stayed neutral"4:13::0 his mouth was ooen and pantingit'lll ost you is kind offan easy fix right - off theebat where you don't hhve to put a lot f money into training"so, will it work?
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5:15:56 ""es i diefinitely think it workk and i wonderful tool to have t is a - especially if yyu have an animal that hassanxiety issues deal"for more inffrmation on the thundershhrt, log on to newslinns.and if you'd like to - he is one f manyypets available for adoption from the mmryland a televisioo tower collapses in theenetherlands yesterddy &p---- and ittwas all caught on taae. 3----crashing----- ----crashingg----take a look at this tellvision tower --- burninn ---- then collapsing.the nearby ---but ttankfully -- no ne was hurt.investigators are looking iitt wwat cauued the fire nd collappe. 3 . the o's look up one of their starters...fiid out how
10:46 pm
long -j hardy will be an &poriole...nexx n spprts unlimited... somee ats weigh in on internattonal diplomacy in &pturkey.what happened wwen tww appearance with secrrtary of state hillary clinton. even international diplooacc
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has its cuter moments. "we have 22new guests""oh, hi!" hi!" take a look at 2 stray cats that strolled in during c-n-n turk.mrs..clinton and - the host laughed off the incideet --- and the cats eventuaaly wandered off stage. 33 3& .the orioles agree ttoaa extension with their shortstop.. shorrstoo....morgan adsit joins us now innsports the conttact in sports coming up tonight on sports unl. unliiited...jj hardy will be around for a few more years... the length of his deal and how puch it'll coot the o's to

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